January 20th, 2006

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[fic] Hands On: Reno Character Piece (Implied Reno/Rude)

Hands On
R for language and sexual implications
Reno character piece.
Implied Reno/Rude. Before Crisis setting, slightly funny, on Reno and hands and things that inexplicably wind up where they probably shouldn’t be. Thievery, slander, and sex involved. Short piece.
620 Words

If he stripped his pants off right here in the middle of the meeting and began jacking off, Rude wouldn’t blink


Ok, so I go to my friends page and there is that 'Spoony' shit or whatever! 3 pages! 3 pages! Full, not to mention it froze my internet TWICE!

*completely annoyed*

So what the hell was that all about?

Anyhow, to the Final Fantasy matter, can someone lead me to some Jenova images please?

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*is dead from teh nosebleed*

I know I'm being such a Dirge of Cerberus whore right now, but I know people on this community are interested (and it is kinda AC related, isn't it? Well it's compilation related...:P)

On, yes, adventchildren.net, I found this beautiful peice of news: the new 5 min Jump Festa 2006 video is in HIGH QUALITY and available for your viewing pleasure, but unfortunately, not for your downloading pleasure, yet. It's right here guys. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to recover from a massive loss of blood.
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This better not have been asked some random time ago. [if so, delete]

Does anyone have the Japanese script for Advent Children?

I've been looking forever and can't find anything except that a script came with Advent Pieces [grr].