January 17th, 2006

fuck you chelios

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I did this like, forever ago. Sort of.

If I Was Kadaj

Oh... and did I show you guys? Elfeh, from Before Crisis. Lots of people thought she was an elf, and I was being all cutesy by saying her name was "Elfeh". Right. Damn them all!

Oh, yes, and even though the silver was mostly gone, the pictures are still pretty cool Collapse )
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Drabble: FF7 Last Order: Keep Walking: Zack/Cloud

Keep Walking
FF7: Last Order
For 15minuteficlets, Zack dragging Cloud through the woods post-break out. Really short ficlet, some Zack worrying Zack-style, some lab memories, and trying not to be angst, because Zack and angst are sad together, but I'm not sure if that happened properly.
546 words

But since the blood flew like birds and now they'd be able to see birds now, he wasn't too worried about Cloud