January 14th, 2006

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Quick flashback question...

I think I asked this question once long ago on a different community which is now long dead. D:

Anyway, thing is, it never really got answered. It's a question about the game, so bear with me - Tifa. Think back to the flashback Cloud recalls when you first enter Kalm. In said flashback, when Cloud, Sephiroth, and Tifa reach the fountain, why the hell did Tifa suddenly slump over? When she got back up she muttered something about the "knowledge of the Ancients", but what would little-Tifa know about the Ancients? I find it to be a stretch to think she was possessed or something, but that's how she seemed. Any idea what that was all about? I mean, she slumped over and Cloud and Seph didn't even notice. o.O;;
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Hey guys and girls....
I recently purchased advent children in Oz by a copy at china town ( could not wait until the english local release ) and I have to say ..... WOW!! The best computer animated film I have EVER seen and a GREAT closing for the character of Cloud Strife. I just a few nagging questions I hope some people might be able to help me with....
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