January 13th, 2006

Hey! *flails arms*

Okay, so I don't post/comment here often, save for a few funnies, but tonight? I have something OH SO IMPORTANT! *gasp*

Okay, maybe not THAT important, but definitely something for you role-players out there. It's a wee-bitty community called Fractura University. It's AU, and accepting characters from a flaming plethora of fandoms, Advent Children and Final Fantasy VII included. Here's the spiffy banner:

Now, if you're interested, simply check out the fandoms list and the list of taken characters. If you see something you like, go ahead and drop an application. The mods are great, muns are inviting, and dammit, we'd like to see some fresh meat new faces in there! :D

ALSO!! If a university-style RP isn't your thing, but you still like the school idea, poke around over at Bacchus High! It's brand-spanking new, and looking for players. Again, Advent Children and FFVII characters are available, as well as characters from a bunch of different fandoms. Poke around, drop an application, give it a whirl. :D

Flex those creative muscles, people. It feels nice.

Many thanks, by the way, to co-mod absolutelyfatal for giving the okay to advertise. THANK YOU!
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advent chlidren amv

what are some of your fav. ac amv's?

and anyone knows of an amv that capture kadaj's movement in the icon well with the music?

i like rock but i think if ppl would combine some funny gay pop, techno dance or something with the amv they would turn out to be pretty funny and interesting since most amv are combined with rock.