January 6th, 2006

Rufus and his Turks

[Fic] FFVII: AC - Abstinence

Erm... Rufus once again inspiring me and demanding this story to be told. Did I mention that he's really VERY VERY LOUD?

Title: Abstinence
Author: xandrabelle
Pairing: Tseng x Rufus, or lack of, rather. One of these days I will shock you all by writing Vincent x Rufus.
Summary: Rufus thinking about sex and why he's not getting any. Can anyone say unrelieved sexual tension? Set post-game, pre-Advent Children.

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Mozart/Salieri:- Vivre A En Crever


I made a Winamp Skin today that's up for sharing if anyone would like to use it. It's of Loz, and I might make more eventually. ^^; A preview of the skin, and link, is under the cut.

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Icons Like Whoa.

Yeah, made some icons for Advent Children. They're not the best in the world, but I like them at least. If you use them, well, I don't care. Just use them dangit. Lol. Here's teasers:


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Hope you like them!

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S3 Mimi

Lost AMV

Someone posted a link to an AMV that I am trying to find again.

The song the AMV was set to is Path by Apocalyptica - instrumental version if I recall the maker's comments to someone else correctly.

Anyone know where I can find it?
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