January 5th, 2006


Te First Post

I Joined This communty A Few Weeks Ago...
I've Just Been Kinda Lurking And Now I'm Gonna Post.

I Drew This Picture Of Cloud.
Well, It's Cloud's Head But....His Hair Got Retarded.
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The Doctor

Hi there.

Howdy, folks.

I'm here from Neo Shinra, a FFVII online roleplaying community. We've been around for many years now (some might've heard of/visited previous incarnations), but, due to some problems, we've wiped the slate clean and are hoping to kickstart things by branching out further into the FFVII fanbase.

Basically, Neo Shinra is like most other text-based online roleplays. The story revolves around a post-Advent Children world, where the Shinra corporation is slowly trying to rebuild itself in a new and different Planet. Apart from one overall storyline maintained and developed by the site staff, members begin their own stories, detailing the lives of their unique characters, and how they live in the new world. Interaction between characters is always encouraged, especially during the battles and events that trouble the Planet. In essence, NS is a giant, interactive, collaborative piece of fanfiction, and, hopefully, a long-running one, too.

We're currently developing the site itself; constructing a main website, as well as tweaking the forums (the focalpoint of NS) to make things a bit more pleasant, and less like the ugly vBulletin defaults. Of course, as well as seeking new members, we're hoping to affiliate and establish connections with other Final Fantasy websites, forums and LJ communities, and we'd be more than willing to link to other sites in return.

Thanks for reading all that (if you did :p), and, if there's anything you want to know about Neo Shinra, then you can contact us either on the forums, e-mail at admin@neoshinra.com or through MSN at himisme1@hotmail.com We look forward to seeing some new faces there! ;}