January 2nd, 2006

sticks, figures drawn by me

The world's gone crazy

Evidently FF7 PC is going for 75 bucks on Amazon.com and FF7 psx for 80! I'm serious, my friend was just going through amazon looking for the FF7 advent release date (which is, btw, still at 2010 o_O)
Last time I was in, Gamestop and EB Games was selling psx for $11. I bought PC for $15.

Is it just me, or has the world all gone crazy? Is this because of Advent Children being made or something? Because they'd better have a good excuse.
Rai is Ebil <3

(no subject)

Have this been pimp here yet? I haven't been here for awhile and already there a one whole bunch of stuff for me to go waahhhh and ohhhh though. XD

I guess some of you guys would remember the cursors. And as a new year gift for the community, I'm happy to make custom curs for anyone request.

Just drop a pic, prefer 32x32 pix, in this post. I can make it ani or non-ani. So if you got a non animated pic and want it animate, just describe what you want to see.