January 1st, 2006

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Title: titleless. I hate having to come up with titles. :x
Pairing: Reno x Tifa
Rating: Er. G? Maybe very very slightly PG for language. I really have no idea, because I never look at ratings. >_<
Summary: Reno keeps on coming to Tifa's bar. Just a quick one-shotish ficlet. Set after AC.
Warnings: It's un-betaed, so if you see any mistakes, please correct me!
Disclaimer: Nope, none of it is mine. Except maybe the Chocobo Juice. But chocobos belong to SE, don't they? So... Just the Juice part? ^^;

A/N: I have never read a fic of this pairing before writing this (so this fic has no fanon details. Ha). o.0 I am a RenoxRude fangirl. So I really have no idea why I even wrote this. This fic is also devoid of 'zotto's, because they just sound weird mixed in with English? No 'yo's dotting every sentence here either. Just because. XD

So... sorry if you think this is OOC. I only checked out 2 other ReTi fics after I completed this, and found that they were rather different from mine. >_< But I do think that Reno and Tifa are on pretty okay terms with each other. The reason is stated in the fake eljay cut. :P

(Because she laughed when she talked to him on the phone)

Er... Comments, anyone? >_< And happy new year. ((:

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FFXIII; Snow - Doubt

Large update so be prepared XD

First and foremost, Square-Enix has updated the Dirge of Cerberus site cast, in the info section. The New update consists of the Composer of Dirge of Cerberus' music who is now confirmed to be Masashi Hamauzu.
Official Dirge of Cerberus Site

Secondly, a scan from Before Crisis has appeared in the Blitz PS2 Vol. 205, the scan gives a quick chat about Episode 22 and introduces the turk "Elena".

And lastly, an Advertisement of Dirge of Cerberus, was published in the Yomiuri Shimbun, rather it is limited or not, is unknown. There is one full picture of the poster, and two separate pictures of each side, in high quality.
Promotional Poster
Dirge of Cerberus Side
Redemption Side

Happy New Year, you guys :D