December 28th, 2005

Nascar//In Overdrive


Made a quick little AVALANCHE colorbar in the same style as my ShinRa ones. There's too many freaking people though. Had to shrink all the pics much more than I would have liked to preserve a semi-reasonable length. But anyway, here it is to share along with the old ones in case you were interested:

(So it's good to blow up reactors and kill people, but bad to drop plates and kill people? I think I'm confused. )

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Yo, I just joined this club because I love Advent Children ^_^ I have some fanart I've done, if anyone cares to look.

Most are Sephy, there's one of Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo. Most are comedy pictures, and one isn't. They're pretty cool, hope you like them ^_^
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Ok, I come bearing ficcage. Wrote this sometime around midnight last night, so...yeah.
I be dyslexic and I'm not in the habit of using a beta, so...if you notice anything, tell me and I'll fix it.
Title: DDR
Author: creepy_crawly
Rating: PG.
Pairing:Cloud+Zack+Sephiroth (yes, people, + means friendship to light romance) Hinted at SephiCloud, but only if you blink.
Length: 642 words
Type: One-shot
Genres: umm...fluff? Backstory? I don't really know...
Warnings: Screwing around with they even have playstations? Or DDR for that matter? I don't care, 'cause they bloody well do now!!
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