December 26th, 2005

Help me find a song!

Strange question, but some time ago someone posted up something about her mother who was listening to an opera piece and commented on how "One Winged Angel" sounded like it... Or at least the lyrics were similar (or something)

Well, if anyone remembers and can tell me the name of that particular opera song, I'll give you many many many cookies. The song is extremely well known and is used in 99.9% of movies... it's poems about the bubonic plague put to music...

So random, I know... =/
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talkin just for the sake of talkin

a while ago in NY, i got 2 posters of advent children, one of tifa, and one of the three brothers.

i gave my brother the one of the 3 brothers for christmas. he was a happy person.

i told him i kept tifa because she's like half a hero to me...

i only say half because she's a fictional character. XD

merry christmas!
FFXIII; Snow - Doubt

GASP! Redemption single release!!

Gackt's official website has been updated with information and images on the release of REDEMPTION, the cover song for Dirge of Cerberus. There will also be a Limited Edition release of the single, both of which will go on sale January 25, 2006 for the price of ¥1,200 for the regular edition, and ¥1,950 for the limited.

Regular Edition
Limited Edition

Source: Dears - Gackt Official Website and

scaring kadaj?

I was searchinf for Kadaj pics on google,and i found this!! a bit scaring is'nt it?

anyone knows more about this doll, or if there're more AC dolls like this? (cloud,sepiroth ...)