December 23rd, 2005

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AC Action Figures

So far, I've heard of and seen figures for the following AC characters:

-Cloud w/ Fenrir
-Shadow Creeper

I don't know where to find any of them. Cloud is hard to track down, and Bahamut is even worse. Rumors of Kadaj have been going around, but are they true. I think they might as well just do everyone. That would rule! Anywho, my quest for the AC figures continues.
Guitar Ninjas

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Since my stupid ass STILL can't find a way to screen cap....can anybody help me by posting as many picture of LOZ as possible?? I plan on making a graphic with him in it ^_-

::bows out::

Thank you!
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Advent Children AMV

Download>> MegaUpload 23.3mb

I do not have enough time to complete my Kadaj!Crack AMV, so for a holiday gift to other AC fans I offer another obligatory pretty/action video. XD Please forgive me, I cant find my Premiere discs and had to suffice with Elements. T_T Video may be a little small, it's good to open it at 200% :)

Lower quality version: