December 17th, 2005

AC Moodtheme?

Hey guys!

I was wondering if there was an Advent Children moodtheme available anywhere? I checked a few of the bigger moodtheme communities and didn't find anything beyond a general Final Fantasy moodtheme (which also included a lot of screens from Kingdom Hearts, bleh), and was wondering if any of you knew about one.

Sorry if this has been asked before! I checked back a page or two and didn't see anything, so I posted it. :3

edit: Thanks to a_songfor_xx for pointing me to the moodtheme! Now I have two more questions:

1) Where can I find a good screenshot of Reno going :O! (as seen in my icon)? I want to make a layout with it as the base, so I'm looking for something that's pretty high-res and of good quality. I checked a few of the screenshot places that I've seen passed around here, but most of them aren't that great in the way of both quality/high-resolution.

2) Music! I've got a few songs, but I was wondering if there was any place out there that had some more of the fantastic music up for download from the soundtrack.
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Princess Tutu - Tutu

4 icons, 2 designs...

Two icons up for grabs here, Tifa, and Aeris. available in colour or in colour & black and white options. blank, so they can be modified for use with text, but please let me know, and credit me for the base.

WARNING: could constitute as a spoiler for the Aeris icons.

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please comment and credit me in icon keywords if you use these, anything else i have made (icons, banners, headers, layout backgrouns, requests) are all available to be seen at blackrose_icons
Pink is the new Black . . .

Has anyone posted about this??

Hey everyone! My name's Ty and I'm new to the community but not to the love/lust of FF7: Advent Children. I'm a huge fan of the game and the movie.

Anyways, Have you guys heard of the Life-sized Sephiroth figurine? *grins*

If not I have a few pictures and a link if you want to find out more . . .

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If I'm repeating anything anyone has posted I'm sorry and you can delete if you wish.

Happy Holidays! I know what I'm going to ask Santa for this X-mas!!

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