December 10th, 2005


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Okay. So it's hardly news that Gackt looks like [insert FF hero of your choice here]. But, still... I was watching the Wasurenaikara PV earlier, and...

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Well, it amused me. Since Wasurenaikara is Moon-era, sooo...2002. :D
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hello bitches - Kakashi

Mmmm.... yaoi

Heya!! I bring ye.... YAOI!

Title: The outsider
Pairing: Vincent / Sephiroth
Rating: PG (Occasional bad language)
Words: 1,049
Summary: Vincent longs for Lucrecia, but finds his release elsewhere. Pre AC
Warnings: M/M, Shonen-ai, some spoilers for the game I suppose.
Song: The Outsider - A perfect Circle

Please, I need beta readers.... CRIT NEEDED!

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Please don't complain about "This couldn't happen because Sephiroth didn't know this that... " cause... it's my first fic, and if need be, it'll be an AU.
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