December 8th, 2005

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o_O i have a question for all of you...any of you heard this weird rumour that Gackt may be in the sequel game of the ff7? I just heard it from my friend, Mai, a couple of minutes ago and I'm like '' so anybody?

o_O *so confused*
Kaname- Bang


Would you're community be willing to affiliate with my community??

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ac_shadow is a stamping/rating community. But unlike most rating/stamping communities, this community stamps you based solely on your looks and sense of style. Curious to see who you look and/or dress like from FF:VII Advent Children?? Stop by and see!!


Thank you for your time! ^_^
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hellooo =3 I have a question about Kadaj's seiyuu. I've seen multiple spellings of his name and I'm curious if anyone knows which is the correct way to spell his name in romanji?

Here are some variations I've seen~

Morikubo Shoutarou
Morikubou Showtaro
Morikubou Shoutarou
Morikubo Shoutaro

I've also noticed that there aren't any lj communities dedicated to him (then again I do tend to be oblivious xD;), and was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining if I made one?

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hey guys...this is a request.

Im looking for the pictures that were took to make the icons #001, #002 and #003 by queen_akasha72 on this page here.

im looking for the pics where all 3 are separeted and the one where tifa and cloud are together.

If you know, please tell me, would help alot.
thanks :3
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Crazy FFVII katakana!

Well well, so it's my first post in this comm, and already here I am with a question. I thought I'd put it forth here, since it's FFVII-related and I can't figure it out for the life of me. I'm trying to translate a Shinra doujinshi, but I'm getting stuck on two katakana words. スネ (sune) and ゲンカ (genka) (possibly ゲソカ [gesoka]; I can't tell apart 'so' and 'n' in the font used) are the two in question. スネ in hiragana is すね, which means 'shin' (like the front of your leg,) so I thought it could be Shinra. But it doesn't really make sense, because Shinra writes out fine in hiragana, and Shinra is usually written in kanji anyway. In the dictionary, ゲンカ meant original cost, but it was written in kanji too, which didn't make sense either. So, since katakana is used for foriegn words, and every use of katakana I've found in this doujinshi have been of the FFVII universe (like ミシドガル [Mishidogaru] for Midgar, etc), I was wondering if you guys had any ideas as to what sune or genka/gesoka would translate to in the FFVII universe, particularly Shinra-wise, if it even translates at all. I can't think of any for the life of me. x_X
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Misc: Masked like a lover

[Fic] Along the Highway

Along the Highway

Pairing: Rufus/Reno
Rating: NC-17/MA. Oh hell, when had anything I've written for this pairing be anything less then NC-17?!
Words: 1882
Summary: “Say, Chief… This is going to be a long ride, eh?” Porn. Pure, unadulterated porn.

( Along the Highway )

crossposted everywhere, due to my commentwhore-ness.
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FFXIII; Snow - Doubt

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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Movie Release Commercial
Square-Enix recently released a 30 second commercial of Advent Children that features a couple of new scenes, and a spoiler scene at the end (for those who have seen the movie yet. OMG go and watch it now ^__^)

Click to download =]

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Scans features Lucrecia and Vincent, in their past forms. Most notable, however, is that Lucrecia is given a last name. Yes. Her full name is Lucrecia Crescent.

Wow. Vincent certainly looks different ^__^

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