December 7th, 2005

Thank you Square-Enix!

It seems that there's finally a street date for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children!

As reported by Loki of Orange Lounge Radio on Dec 2, 2005:

"We here at Final Fantasy: Advent Children Central, errr OLR have been patiently waiting for this movie to be released in the USA. Well the word straight from Sony Pictures today is the movie will be released on 3/28/06. An official announcement will be released on 1/9/06 regarding this. It looks like it will be available in a 2 disc special edition as well."

I'm not sure if other sites have reported it, but as far as I know that is the official word.  I looked back and didn't see anything posted about this in the past few days.  If this already has been posted, please delete. ^^
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(no subject)

Just all the icons I've made over the past couple of weeks. All done on MS Paint. Because I still have no decent program to do anything with.

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Also, a pixel doll I made this morning because I was bored while doing waiting for the laundry to dry. Base by Ayumui.

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Yeah. I have no life and I realise it. Now I must rush off to take my English finals. Pray for me?

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♦ jongin

Quick question...

I was watching AC again and a request came to my mind...can someone please write "watashiwa" in katakana for me please? (I had an internet site with this syllabary, but I can't find it anymore...)

Oh and... what (hiragana, katakana) are used more often?

if this is too off topic, I am sorry, but I don't know where I can ask this...