December 2nd, 2005

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OMG Brain Ramblings

This is something very strange my brain had spat out at me after some deranged conversation I had with my friends. I don't even know what to say about this except that Hojo plays some part in it... XD I hope you all enjoy it. And I think at least my brain tells me to write a part two to it... XD Though I think I will shrivel from the strange-ness of it all.

Draped in White
By: minachiko
Rating: PG-13 (?)
Characters: (main focus) Rufus, Kadaj, Yazoo, Hojo
Summery: ... its definitely very gay in a horribly twisted way, XD Hojo is in there so you can imagine.

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Devil May CGI

Advent Chibi fanart competition - deadline extended!

Reeve here from the FF7 Citadel... the following has been cross-posted to the Citadel's forums:

Thanks to everyone who has sent in contest entries so far-- there's been some very cute chibi artwork coming our way ^_^

Unfortunately, we are just shy of our desired base number of entries, so we're extending the deadline to December 15th!

If you haven't had a chance to enter, here's the rules and info. The prizes include the AC Prologue book and a number of AC chibi character keychains.

Best of luck to everyone!
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FFXIII; Snow - Doubt

Rather a large update :D

The Janurary issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly is featuring an advertisment for the US release of Advent Children ::runs around screaming:: However, no release date is given but based on the advertisement, it contains information about a 2 disk special edition and the movie will be rated PG-13. There is also a mention of an official page on the Sony Pictures website, although at this time the site does not appear to be active.

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And what else? Dirge of Cerberus Official Soundtrack Announced!! ::insert more running and scream here:: There's gonna be two editions to it: regular and limited. There's a link that leads to more information about the soundtrack.

For Regular Edition
For Limited Edition

All information courtesy of :D
So Long Harry

The Super Sci Fi Version of Great Expectaitions...

This has to do with Advent Children, I swear. Lemme just start by explaining.

In my English Honors class at school we read Great Expectaitions by Charles Dickens. Not many peopled cared for it, so I always joked that I could make it better and make a Super Sci Fi Ending. (Which was funny, because it's in the 1800's.) Well Super Sci Fi ending turned into a whole movie. And now my friends and I are going to make a movie for our student teacher as a goodbye preasent.

Getting to the Advent Children part now! We all (the people who are making the movie with me) thought it would be funny if we started with the scene at the very beginning where Marlene is talking about ShinRa and the background story and such--And replace the subtitles with our own!

Unfortunatley we don't know how to do this...So we were wondering if someone could do that for us, and then just send us the scene (not the whole movie, please and thank you. My computer will die. lol) with the new subtitles which we will supply.

In return we will include you in the credits of our movie! n_n Thanks to anyone who can help us out. We will supply the subtitles to you once we know you're going to do this for us and such. (Oh AIM, Yahoo, or MSN. It's all good!)

Thanks again!

Please comment, or contact me with AIM, Yahoo, or MSN.

AIM: Cetranflowergirl
Yahoo: greatestgospel


Well. Everything seems to be being handeled. If anything is to go wrong this post shall be re-edited or something. Or. If you guys feel it serves no purpose now and I should just re-post if I have to--just comment and I'll delete it! :P

Special thanks to Greg who is helping me out. :D
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