November 30th, 2005

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Can anybody out there point me to some Loz/Tifa fanworks?? There should seriously be more, because I'm not finding 'em and it seems like it would an obvious one! She made such suggestive noises. I mean, IGNORING THE LOGICAL PLOT OF THE MOVIE it would probably go like...

Loz: Sorry for beating you up.

Tifa: That's okay, I'm into that.

and then they'd have hot hot sex.

So yeah, does this stuff exist or do I just have the best imagination ever?
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Back with another sickenly simple Kadaj layout. This one's from my personal journal and didn't want it to go to waste.

Free Image Hosting at

You can download it here.
Any questions or need help installing it you can catch me on aim imseanyo or yim keloided_milk.
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I needs me some more materials...

Hi, sorry to bother you all but I must ask a favor. I want a picture of Yazoo pouting in the first few minutes of the movie for an icon I wanted to do. Also, if anyone has gif animations of the brothers, please, post them here. I relly need more iconing material. Anyways, thank you ^^

P.S....these fuckers need their own game!
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Hi ^^ I've been on the hunt for a wallscroll featuring Kadaj. I found the perrrfect one, though I'm unsure of it's authenticity ><; My question is.. are there even official wallscrolls out yet? Or do they all consist of bootlegs? xD;

By the way, this is the place I found it at:

The website itself looks pretty cruddy, the price is questionable ...but, I guess I have to work with what's out there ;-;
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This is my first sensible attempt at a FFVII fanfic. It's just a very short piece.

Title: Flowers
Summary: Reno wonders what's changed, if anything.

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