November 26th, 2005

FFXIII; Snow - Doubt


I was rewatching the Last Order and I was wondering, does anyone knows when it takes place? Like is it before/after Advent Children or the game because I was so confused while watching it. Thank you for helping XD

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Okay, well I didn't see anything against this in the rules, and I went back about 4 pages in the community and saw nothing, so...

Does anyone know where I could DL Advent Children with subtitles from? I was planning on just waiting till it came out (since I thought it was the 29th...) but all this delaying is making me wayyy to impatient and I really want to see it. So if anyone could help, I'd love you ^.^

and I'll delete this if its not aloud or anything.

or do you know anywhere I could buy it (so long as it has english sub or dub)? not including ebay

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Can you please help me? I need a big version of the picture where Cloud is carrying Kadaj in his arms (the promo pic, not the screencap where they are on the ground and he;s holding him.)
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