November 25th, 2005


Mint Leaves

Something new I decided to write one day. As it turned out, it had a lot of typoes in it and I knew it, so rather than go through and comb through it myself, I had grayout a WONDERFUL writer in his own right, help me out. He did, and I was amazed at my most common mistakes leaving wide open holes in a story that might be good. If the conversations seem short, it's because it was hard trying to think of them to say to one another. But here's the product, and I hope it has some interesting things in it... If you don't want to take it seriously, don't leave a comment, please.

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Title: Mint Leaves
Author: fathoms_deep
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Gore, fluff, a little romance/snuggling
Summary: Cloud seeks to understand. A young Red XIII tries to fit into his new roles and seeks solace with another unlikely leader. Takes place sometime after Meteor is summoned, after Bugen Hagen dies. Very light CloudxNanaki

Mint Leaves: Revised