November 22nd, 2005


mm.. Sephiroth

I found this... gorgeous picture of Sephiroth on Deviant Art through a Google Image search. I couldn't find the page that had the picture, but the artist's name on Deviant Art is ArtifexRequiem.

I thought the image was very, VERY well done - and also very sexy..

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Enjoyable by all, regardless of preference, I figure. It's very cool.


Reno Action Figure?

Might have been brought up before. Sorry if it's a repeat.

But... Is there a Reno action figure or any plans to make one from Advent Children?

I broke down and watched a horribly lagged copy of Advent Children last night. Not the same as a good DVD, but I wanted so badly to at least see -something- of it..

And.. I think I dig Reno more then Sephiroth and Vincent! (I know - blasphomy!)

So.. anyone know? And if they do have one, where can I get it? teehee..
Blowing Hair - Riku

Icon Request!

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for Sephiroth Last Order icons! Can someone please, please help me? I've looked everywhere, but I really need some help. I'm looking for more... sane pictures, but nutty Sephiroth is good too. I won't complain for any help that people can give me!

Thank you a bunch!


Okay, so I was going through my doujinshi earlier... and I discovered my lone AC doujin I'd forgotten all about. :p I got it back at Easter when I was in Japan (when we were still hoping for a release date around that time ;__;), as I saw it, and had to buy it.
...obviously since it was a long time before the film's release, the doujin actually has very little to do with AC itself - more just kind-of uses the character designs. :p But it's nice anyway, so thought I'd share.

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Please forgive the slight blurriness on some; unfortunately I don't have a scanner with me, so these are digicam shots. :/

eta; if people would be interested, I could always scan it (and do the whole thing, this time) once I get home for Christmas.