November 21st, 2005

Sharing with you!

So, I took these pics on Saturday night, and I figured I'd share them with you all (especially the Sephy x Vincent fans)

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I seriously have too much time on my hand.

Oh well, I hope you all enjoy the pictures!!

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Spamity spam spam

Dancing in the Dark (without_a_spark) is a pre-Nibelheim RPG that's just started and is looking for players. Most characters are still open (heck, all but one are). The RP will begin when most of the characters are taken and will be played through the community, character journals, and over AIM. Visit the community for more information.
Glee: Pezberry

Dirge of Cerberus trailer translation at

Here's the script of the Dirge of Cerberus trailer I posted the link to a few posts back.

Turns out offered the site that I linked to as one of the mirrors, so I think it's okay that I linked to it!

Translation courtesy of, obviously,

I'd copy and paste it here, but it says "For use on the compilation sites." It's short, though! And that fourth-to-last line....!?!?!

Japanese Advent Children


I ordered Advent Children through Amazon.. It -still- hasn't come. But.. how do I know if it's the Japanese version with English subtitles? I don't want the English version.

And.. Can anyone make any suggestions on the cheapest place to buy an imported version of Advent Children?

I am tired of the rumors, and delays..

I want this movie :(