November 20th, 2005

Glee: Pezberry

New Dirge of Cerberus footage

Wow, am I actually posting news here?? I don't think this has ever happened before!

Anyway, I'm Jackie. Maybe I should use the 'my hero snowboards' icon so you'd all recognize me, but I'm in love with the new Hellsing one, ;D And my real journal is not at my LJ, but if you're really interested in that sort of thing, then you can read my user info.

There's a new Dirge of Cerberus trailer out! I think you'll recognize some new characters in it! I'm fairly certain that Lucrecia is in the beginning, with possibly Hojo? Also, at the end of the trailer, you can definitely see Cid, and possibly others?? Also, it has Vincent as a Turk. He is hot.

It's kind of crappy quality, so if someone has a better link, please do share.

EDIT: Thanks for the messages of love, guys! :*)
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Adventure and Parodies

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I believe you have to run the file through BSplayer or a program that supports ssa files (correct me if I'm wrong) which have the subtitles. These only work for Subtitles! Ya'll are welcome to snag 'em, but I'm only leaving them on the server for a short time so it doesn't suck up my friend's bandwidth or server space. I have no idea what they say, but figured it could be amusing to see. :)


That's the directory. Only two files.