November 14th, 2005


Devil and Hunter...

I noticed this today in school, during Computer Arts class.

So I scurried, hurried, and found a picture of Vincent Valentine. And then I remembered Devil May Cry. So I spliced the two.. it may be a little off, but can anyone else argue the unoriginality, taking into account the type of game Dirge of Cerberus is going to be? (third-person shooter)?

Vincent and Dante 4EVAH
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Guitar Ninjas

The Turks seems as though you all enjoyed the little SHM people I made on Gaia, so I only thought that I should please the masses...

Sicne alot of people said Rufus, he he is with the Turks:






I realize some features may be missing, but I did what I could with limited resources..
I apologize if I screwed them up...

~Uncomfortably Close Boy, away~
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Sex God

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Yes I know I'm lame but I'm drugged up on meds so forgive me?

The Advent pieces Sephiroth? He has no nipples. He has an absence of nipples. There just like little lumps where his nipples should be.

Midgar News:
Great lord Sephiroth defeated by breast cancer.