November 13th, 2005


first update here in... how long?

I couldn't resist. I saw the DVD up in NY, but I didn't buy it bcuz that money's gonna have to last me a couple months.

instead, i had a friend with connections.

and OMFG! that movie was friggin amazing!

review later... 2:30am is not a healthy time to be awake.
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ok..ive got a small obsession with dolls. Pixel dolls included. so im certainly addicted to Elouai's candybar doll maker.

but see the thing about them is that the hairstyle and clothing variety is bad. good hairstyles..but sometimes i dont WANT a ponytail in bright blue with no option to change it >_>

so..ive taken advantage of Paint Shop Pro on several occasions..hoping that sooner or later i'll be good enough to make my own pixel dollies from scratch.

Anyway..tonight i was really i decided to make a franken doll with the doll maker. 2 of them actually. and here they are..cuz you cant have one without the other..

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EDIT: oh..and if anybody wants this for their LJ then you can take it..just give credit
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eh team


Hello, persons out in Cyberland.
The Great And Worshipable Creepy_Crawly [aka me] comes bearing a challenge!!

On behalf of MadChallengeOfDoom, I extend this to each and every living, breathing, drooling, life-needing obsessed fangirl out there.
And then some.
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**sorry if this isn't allowed. Really, really sorry!!**
FFXIII; Snow - Doubt

New picture dump!

New scans from Famitsu and Dengeki magazines. Scans include new information on the confirmed names, Shalua and Rosso, more info on the limit break Galian beast and a small interview with Gackt.

All pictures courtesy of

Scans are rather large so it may take a while to load.

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Reno's speech


This has been bugging me for quite some time now. Does anyone knows what kind of dialect/slang version Reno is speaking? His -ottos are killing me with curiosity.
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