November 12th, 2005


This is just a joke......isn't it??


Lance Bass .... Sephiroth (voice: English version)
Mandy Moore .... Aeris Gainsborough (voice: English version)
Christy Carlson Romano .... Yuffie Kisaragi (voice: English version)
Steve Burton .... Cloud Strife (voice: English version)

Somebody please tell me that this is just somebody on imdb's early april fool's joke....and that a former member of n'sync is not voicing Sephiroth.....
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TACS2 icons!

Since shadow_sasuke published his ( TACS2 subfile ), it's now safe for me to go public with more icons. Teaser shall be my posting icon!


If you are familiar with the icon set, just jump down to number 47, that's where the new stuff starts! This set contains 65 icons in total, today updated with 14 all new icons and 2 bonus icons. Read the disclaimer and have fun! XD

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