November 9th, 2005

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A couple of one shot humor fics

Ok so I wrote these a while ago and had them posted in my own journal and on for a bit but I figured I'd share them here as well. Cut to save friends pages and though not really uber spoilerific I don't want some one to come attacking me if I mention something they didn't know. Also they're slightly AU but mostly because they're humorous and less serious.

One is a Seph teasing Cloud fic, no real pairing. I thought it up in conjunction with my icon.

The other is a Rufus fic where he's paired with someone/something.

Forgive any bad grammar/spelling errors as I didn't really proofread them like mad. I did spell check and give them a once over. Just nothing indepth as they're short one shots. Enjoy! ^_^

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Ummm... I hope I dont get kicked^^

I dont usually request, but since today is the day that I was born (and I never usually get present or birthday cake), I will appreciate if anyone in here whom I know very talented could make me a Sephiroth banner with a word 'watashi.. omoide ni wa naranai sa'. Thank you.


Normally I wouldn't do this...but I'm in somewhat of a bind, here...

I'll cut straight to the point: I need test viewers for TACS Version 2. If you are interested, comment on this entry with "Test Viewer" in the title space for your comment. I'm only taking the first 5 people that apply. Also, you must know how to work a soft sub file, because that's what this is. Already passed, sorry.

I know, odd, but I'd like to see how this goes with people before I distribute it.

In any case, here's something for the rest of you:

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Nyahaha. Interested test viewers; please respond ASAP.

That is all. ^_^
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Hello all! *bows*

I just joined yesterday, and here is my entry post! ^^

I just saw Advent Children (yes, late, I know. I was holding out for the American release, but broke down. Bought it in Japanese with english subtitles. ><) Well, I'm a huge fan of it. So, just wanted to say hi! ^___^


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I've never found any summary of FFVII's plot that wasn't too tedious to read or too annoyingly hard to browse. Well, I found a simple one at last! And it answers some questions about the game, though some may be irrelevant with the release of AC.. But nevertheless.

If you forgot FFVII's story...
(go behind this fake cut).