November 8th, 2005

Question! ^^

Can anyone tell me what the wolf is supposed to represent in Advent Children? Or is he just there? I thought it was be Zack xD;;; don't get mad or laugh at me because that might sound stupid. I'm sure it does but that's what I thought of because like...


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and does anyone have a advent children/ff7 mood theme I can use? Preferrably Kadaj or Zack or something lol

And the ending...

Ahh this sounds dumb I know. Please don't get in a huge Aeris x Cloud or Tifa x Cloud fight over it, because I hate people arguing over that crap.. STILL.

Question about the ending to the movie, DONT READ UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE SPOILED...SPOILERS ARE UNDER HERE.

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its just SO easy to manipulate Reno...

2 badly made icons coming right up!

my friends are always joking with me about how much i act like a mom somwtimes because of my love for kids and i made this icon to make them laugh.

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and then theres this icon which ive used before myself and its here:

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that one is just random though ^__^;;

if you decide to gank these..please credit? i screencapped, cropped and put together these icons all by myself.