November 7th, 2005

AU Fic Contest

Here's the deal with it:

It is still going on, but a bit slowly. What I was thinking...
Istead of pushing back the deadline (I'm terrible with those too), I'm going to do this:
Accepting fics until I get at least 10. How does that sound?

Don't be lazy guys.

For those of your who have no idea what the hell is going on:

I am looking for fanfics with pairings that are completely and totally AU (so that when people see the pairing, they ask "How the fuck did you get those two together?" or something like KadajxMateria) but the characters have to act as IC as possible. Be creative. The more crack you do the better.

Once again, along with posting the fic here or wherever, please e-mail it to me so I could keep track;

Thank you, and have a great day.


You're not sick of fanart yet, ne?

It's of our favourite arch enemies. Not suitable for children, I guess, violent, bloody...

But beware! Don't take my warnings seriously. *winks*

(follow the fake cut)

Bai Bai

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Advent Children Delayed

According to the recent podcast by Orange Lounge Radio, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children has been delayed to a TBA ship date.
Podcast here-

And before anyone starts screaming, this is the same podcast that FIRST announced months ago that Advent Children would be delayed until November.

Right now most places will still have the Jan 10, 2006 release date, but expect that to change in a few days.

EDIT: Just for the record, the guys that do this podcast does not work for EB, GameStop, or any of those chain retail stores. Loki was the one who announced the info and he works for the distribution companies where they are genreally the first to know about and change in ship dates. and I also said to a few peeps not even a few weeks ago that it was going to be delayed. Believe it.