November 6th, 2005

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Need help making an Advent Children music video

I've seen a couple music videos posted on the community already, and I was wondering what program would be good to make one. So far I've been using Windows Movie Maker, but recently it's been acting very buggy. =/ Right now I'm trying to split the movie into clips, but whenever I do, the end of each clip gets cut off and doesn't play properly. Windows Movie Maker likes to shut down on itself too, so I often lose the clips I made before they get auto-saved. T_T

If anyone could give me some suggestions on where to find a better movie-making program, I would be really grateful. I promise to share my video once it's finished. ^_^;
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anyone? im probably pressing my luck with this, but i saw the gorgeous layout that lightbulby posted and i was wondering if anyone knows where i could find a LJ layout (free account) with all 3 of the SHM as a focus.

ive been wanting to ask that for a while and its not every day you find someone with awesome layout making skills. so i didnt bother asking.

if any of you DO want to tackle my request...i dont care what it says or what the color scheme is...though the yazoo one with the blues is killer ^__^ (sexy/creepy layouts rock)

i'd be forever grateful if somebody could help me with this somehow... <3

sankuu in advance!
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