November 3rd, 2005


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so i thought i'd share a bit of oddness before i toddle off for bed..

Im a fan of the craze known as Asian ball jointed dolls.

and one popular company just recently came out with 3 new dolls that have a SCARY likeness to Yazoo, Kadaj and Tifa...(at least i think so anyway)

take a look and see for yourself..i think the doll with the silver hair (called lahoo) looks the most like Yazoo..

the one with the short black hair (aka camine) could make a really cute Kadaj (these doll's hair is interchangable so it could happen)

and the female doll with the long blonde wig could look a LOT like Tifa...

I mainly just wanted to show you the one doll that i think looks like Yazoo..but since there are pics of the other 2..i figured i'd might as well put in my 2 cents on them too while i was at it ^__^

(P.S. if you dont know what these dolls are all about..but want to..then go to and forgive me for not having the energy to explain it to new people gets really involved and very tiring) <333

sorry if this is too off-topic...


well..i said when i joined this com that i was gunna be making some SHM plushies... and i got started yesterday ^__^

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Here's Kadaj..and he said..he's bald...cuz i dont have the right kind of fuzzy material to make his plushie-style hair..i tried it with yarn earlier but it looked this weekend he gets hair ^__^

...2 days worth of work and he's still not done x_x

this is my first time sewing in a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong time btw

and again, sorry if this is too off topic for the mods <3
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