November 2nd, 2005


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greetings all ^__^ this looks like a pretty good place to settle in methinks

i plan on doing some AC art projects in the near future...but i need something for that that i cant seem to find..

i need AC character sketches or outfit designs..Especially Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz...ive been trying to find some but i havent found anything accurate enough..

so can anyone point me towards a place where i can find detailed character design stuff?

i plan on doing some fanart and making plushies..but im neurotic and i want to get it right x__x

so thanks in advance and hopefully i'll have goodies to contribute soon enough!
Macross F // Michel - sniper extraordina

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I'm going to hell for this blasphemy I'm sure...

Ahem. One icon. Take it or leave it, or love it to death and credit me.

Looky! It's Sephiroth's ass! *fangirl spazgasm*


(Pssst... if anyone has an even BETTER shot of that scene, drop me a line, I'd love to improve this icon... XD)
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what you get when you combine first period digital animation with the fuckin awesome mr alan, no tablet, and my partner and i having extra time due to the fact the we rock at finishing projects.

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U.K. Release Date?

I don't know if this has been posted yet, but I haven't seen it here (shrug).

Anyway, has this date up for the PAL release of AC: April 24, 2006. Of course, with the way the U.S. release date has been bandied about, I'm taking this with a grain of salt for the time being.

(Thanks to the ever-informative Uncle Elmo for posting this over at the FF7 Citadel)

AC OST for sale.

Apologies for the spammage, I'll be brief. I didn't see anything against this in the rules, so I hope it's okay. ^^;

I'm selling a brand-new copy of the Final Fantasy: Advent Children OST.

This is a 1st press copy, which is now sold out. I took off the factory plastic to look at it, but I've never even played the CDs. It comes in special silver reflective sleeve (first press only). It's two discs.

Asking 35$ plus 2$ shipping within the USA. I prefer NOT to ship overseas, but it's possibly negotiable. I can't take great pictures of it because of the reflective case, but if people want pictures, I can try to scan the case without the sleeve.

Info and track list here: at CD Japan

Please either comment here, or email quisty at