October 30th, 2005

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Alright folks, got somethin' for ya. If this has been posted here recently, lemme know and it's gone.

A lot of you might have already seen/read this, but I thought that for those who haven't, it might be interesting. Basically, it's a detailed FAQ about certain confusing aspects of FFVII and Advent Children. Incredibly informative and in-depth, I wonder now if this guy has a life or not... but for the sake of curious otaku, I'm glad he's as nerdy as he seems to be. =P

Keep in mind that a lot of this is his own theory, BUT he manages to back 95% of it up with references to the game, and even a few game/movie screenshots thrown in. It's excellent for newbs to AC, newbs to FFVII, and even veterans who were still a little "duh??" on some parts of the game and movie... like me. Aheh.

Here it be: http://faqs.ign.com/articles/657/657331p1.html

Again, keep in mind that much of this is theory-based. He's not saying anything here is absolute, so don't be all "OMG WTF that's not true he's retarded WUT!"

Anyway. That's all.

*slinks away*

PEE ESS - Don't mind the crappy formatting in the FAQ. It's not very reader-friendly ((I say this because we're usually spoiled with colors, bold, and italics everywhere)), so you kinda have to keep an eye out for topic changes and such. =P
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My madness knows no bounds...

This time I did a little diddy with my voice and a little clip from Final Fantasy VII: Last Order.

In a way, this is kind of a preview for TLOS...tee-hee, but it won't be like this.

Anyay, onto this little fun clip for you all:

This is something I'd like to call: What You Didn't Know about Sephy

I hope you all enjoy and everything!

And don't worry, I should have TACS Ver. 2 and TLOS hopefully done by next weekend!


Forget to add something:

Yes, that is MY voice being all Sephy-ish. ^_^
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AC Question

I've been wondering...during the scene when Cloud's cellphone drops into the water and there were voices heard by the different characters...then a girl's voice said: "I've never thought badly of you...You came for me, didn't you? That's plenty right there...", is it Aeris' voice or Tifa's voice? I've been wanting to know that since I'm quite confused of Aeris' and Tifa's voice. Thanks. ^__^
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Two Fics! More Than A Dream and Choice

First time posting here. Um, hi?

Title: More Than A Dream
Author: Bard Linn
Rating: PG-13
Length: 810 words.
Pairing: ZackxCloudxSeph
Type: One-Shot.
Summary: These were the days that made life worth living. Note: Set pre-AC timeline. Written for kiraya who asked for "The Pretty OT3," aka ZackxCloudxSephiroth for her birthday.
( More Than A Dream )

Title: Choice
Author: Bard Linn
Rating: PG-13
Lenght: 686
Pairing: None, at the moment.
Type: First in the Manipulation Trilogy.
Summary: Aeris shifted, uncomfortable with her burden. That warned Cloud how terrible this request must be.
( Choice )

X-posted for Justice! (Sorry if I killed your f-lists. ^^;;;)
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Hey, everyone! Lurker de-lurking and posting some fanart! I’ve been wanting to do AC fanart for a while but I haven’t had the time :|. Y’know, real life and all that jazz. But anyways, a small colored sketch of Cloud done in oC. Short and quick. Hope you like.

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:9~~ I like green.
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