October 29th, 2005

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A lot more people are running FF/Advent Children/Square-Enix... and just generally video game related RPGs these days. I know a lot of non-RPers probably get annoyed with the advertisements, and for those actually looking for them it's probably really hard to find while digging through a bunch of other posts.

I was thinking maybe there should be some kind of more... specific RPG advertisement community to cater to this kind of thing. And considering places like rpg_ads and the like are filled to the brim with Harry Potter and celebrity stuff, it's frustrating to sift through all of that too. :/

What do you guys think?

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We did it. Yep. JOIN!

Now we (I speak as a fellow addict) can stop cluttering people's FLs. XD~

It'd also be pretty awesome if anyone could spread the word. ^^; Feel free to direct link my banner.
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I'm back!

Thanks to all the people who said my doodles didn't suck even though they do xD And now I'm back with the requested um..scribbles. Already! See, I told you I was bored. So I'm sorry to all the people that asked (these ones suck worse!!) and I'm sorry Tetsuya Nomura for shaming your beautiful characters ;____; I promise I'll do some real ones when I have the time ^.^

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Selling FFAC pins

Hey. I've been a member for awhile now. I love FF:AC.

I made a few pins of Reno, Cloud, Loz, Yazoo, and Kadaj and I have them for sale up on ebay


I didn't know what characters to do, so I put up some of my favorites.

If anyone wants any spefic characters or pictures just let me know. I'll make them and get them up on Ebay right away.
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My first animated icon: Sephiroth crying

Hi all, you may remember me from a recent post re: Sephiroth crying in Last Order. Well, I was inspired, and I made these for a Sephiroth RP journal I made. I thought I might share it with the group. What do you guys think?

(two versions: one a larger size, the other better quality)

Please keep in mind that I don't have Photoshop and have next to no L337 ICONZ SKILLZ. ;_; So please be gentle, but let me know how to improve these and/or do better next time.
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