October 28th, 2005

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I'm bored again. So, anyone got any picture, er..suckass scribble requests?? xD Don't expect them to turn out much better than these ones or the ones before though x3

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"my girlfriend turned into the moon"

An AMV for you all!

Hi, I'm new around here, but I wanted to post an AMV that I made of Advent Children.

FFVII:Advent Children - Unforgiven
(Animemusicvideos.org link)

Song: 'The Unforgiven' by Metallica
Length: 6:35 - damn, it was a long song. x.X
Made with the only thing I have - Windows Movie Maker. Which is probably why the video is a little spastic in some places...no matter how many transitions I used and what quality I saved it at...bah. -.-;;

Well, I hope you like it! ^_^

Also, I was wondering if anyone knows of some Advent Children layouts that I could use. Sorry if this has already been asked. Thanks!

.Edit. Linked to YSI (I forgot to realize that people might not be able to DL it from animemusicvideos.org ^^;;;)
YSI Link
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uh-oh, some AC parody subs!!

ahahaha okay hey guys. Advent Children spoof subtitles seem to be popular these days, and when you watch the movie like 30+ times you can't help but want to write stupid joke text for it, AM I RIGHT? Okay. I gave it a shot. I just did this for fun, but thought it might be worth sharing if anyone is interested or needs an excuse to watch the movie again. :(

Contains "lol FF7-is-a-game" type humor because that's funny to me :( + stupid references and quotes and A Goth.

Warnings for: swearing, child-hating, the word 'penis', and the gay jokes that no AC Subtitle Spoof set is complete without.

*A* I think Yuffie was the most fun to write.

Screenshot samples and the .ssa download are under the cut~
Thanks if you decide to check it out. :Y I changed like 95% of the dialogue so I hope it's worth your while.

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FFVII Voice Acting for "Flash Project" Update

Hey again, guys. Sorry to be updating the situation so soon (as... not much has happened yet...), but I wasn't sure if all the males amongst us got my e-mail on the situation. It looks like the part of Cloud Strife is open again (the guy who had claimed it seems to have decided that, not being a fan of FFVII, it was probably in the best interest of the project to give it up). So if you don't yet have a script and feel interested, e-mail me at wickedorin@gmail.com. Or, if you already have the script and want to send some Cloud tests, feel free to do that also.

(And if you don't know what I'm talking about, here is the original post.)

(No, I honestly do not have anything better to do on a Friday night… but what’s better than obsession?)