October 26th, 2005


Sharing the love? and creepiness

Today's ff7 related oddness I felt like sharing:
A few years ago I had a dream that Hojo stuck some sort of parasitic mushroom in my hand, and it started growing and eating me, without pain.. I remembered it today. Creepy.

I figured out how the club thingy works on deviantart. Should I go ahead and make one for this community? Is that okay? Should someone else do it?

Sharing some pics:
I finished detailing Tifa's advent children costume and did two requests (here and here) ! (I have more to do, though..)

Next up for costume detailing:
Sephiroth. I dunno. Just feel like it
Rufus and his wheelchair
Yuffie (someone mentioned it a while ago too)
Kadaj + his gang (For some reason I really don't like him o.o)

After that it's up to who wants what.

Request: Could someone draw a pic of the turks, as kids? I think that'd be really cute. Especially with toy weapons. Pleaase?


Edit: I forgot to mention. If anyone wants to use my piccies for things like icons or whatever, go ahead. :) No credit needed, I'm pretty lax about it.



I'm new...

I've been wanting to join this community for SO long, it's so cool. But never had the nerve. I love Final Fantasy 7, all of it and the other Final Fantasys too. They make my heart stop everytime. I can't wait for Advent Children to come to Australia, it's taking it's time though but I'm waiting for it. Well that's all for now.

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AMV "Fragile Puppet - いそんひん あやつり"

Title: Fragile Puppet - いそんひん あやつり
Music: Paradise Lost
Ordinary Days
Footage: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Running Time: 3:28
File Type/Size: .avi/50.0 MB
Total Work Time: about 15-16 hours
Notes/Warnings: SPOILER ALERT!

Megaupload | animemusicvideos.org | FileFront

Please download from amv.org if you can! and opinions are nice ;D (I'll add indirect link to amv.org as soon as I can)
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Shitty sketches

I got bored and scribbled xD Then I got bored again and posted my scribbles. If anyone gets offended by reeeally reeeeeally shitty sketches, don't look directly at them!! xD Doodling during lectures is bad kids.

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hello bitches - Kakashi

(no subject)

Ok guys... I'm not entirely happy with this one (Aka I hate it).

It's just a tester for me to learn tween, colour, preloaders and stuff.

Ummmm... it's not that good.


New flash. Kaasan love... starring Sephiroth and Kadaj. Oh... and Jenova's head/neck/brain/spleen.

No spoilers.

Hate it. Not happy with it at all.

BTW... something good on there... read my Emoetry about it (Cause I am so emo :P)
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