October 25th, 2005

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Anime Insider article

Hi! I figured that I would take a stroll out of lurkdom for awhile and share this with all of you. Beginning of the month I bought the newest issues of Anime Insider and Newtype, both of which feature covers and articles on FFVII: AC. I meant to scan and share them earlier, but my computer got sick and had to go to the hospital. But it is back now and here is the AI article. The Newtype one will be up later. I checked, and as far as I can see this hasn't been posted here yet.

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Colorbars Again.

For those who remember me from the previous post, here are the fulfilled requests of Cid, Aerith, Sephiroth etc.

[X] 5 Final Fantasy VII [Advent Children].
[X] Please upload to own server. [THIS would be a good image host.] Change the YOUROWNSERVER part of the code to the image code on your own server.
[X] Please comment and credit.
[X] Please change the "blahblah is blahblah love" phrase if mine is not satisfactory.
[X] X-posted.

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Loz cap

So I was taking some screen caps of the Loz/Yazoo v. Rude/Reno fight scene, and I managed to get a cap of Loz showing a bit more skin then usual. And it makes me giggle, so here for everyone: Collapse )
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(no subject)

well, i know that this is a bit "off topic" here, but, anyone knows something about Nobuo's european tour.

I read something about some "dear friends" concerts in europe, in october/november, but i have no more news about it

can you help me?