October 24th, 2005


Because I had to...

after reading shadow_sasuke's post, I had to dig out my yaoi sampler CD for the purpose of sharing the sex scene from the Haru wo Daiteita Drama CD. And while I'm at it, I'll give you guys four MP3's from the yaoi game Gakuen Heaven (Between the Sheets has been posted twice before, but oh well, it rocks so it's here again) because that game includes Miki, Morikawa, Sakurai Takahiro, and Kenichi Suzumura (Or Sephiroth-Squared, Cloud, and Zack) I throughly suggest you check it out.

But for those who are curious, the zips, MP3's and a bit more on Gakuen Heaven are all under the cut. ^_^

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*Puts on her pimp hat and struts*


I'm such a whore for this community, but only because I love it oh-so-much. Anyway, better make this quick because I gotta get back to Stepmania I need to finish my homework.

Does anyone know of places or has any high resolution pictures of Marlene, pretty much all angles on her costume? Prefably large ones too.

The reason I need them is because...well, I can't say, but it involves cosplay and Anime Boston 2006. ^_^

If anyone knows or has any pics, post them or whatever. It'd be greatly appreciated.

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Are you Tired of this Yet?

Hello all,

You're all probably sick and tired of the RPG pimping and stuff, and I do apologize (sort of, since I am in need of players. >.>). I just crawled out of the woodwork to advertize for my new RPG that is post-AC, and I'm hoping to recruit some players to help me out in this game. ^^ I have a few already, but I'm looking to fill up the entire cast for this to work out and for people to have fun.

If any of you are still interested in RPGing, please check out fightingsky_rpg for opportunity. I would love to see some new faces and RP with people.

Thank you so much! *scampers*
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Heya Guys...

My name is Rion. I have been lurking around for awhile now. I have history steep deep in the FFVII fandom. Ones that date all the way back to the FF7 Citadel. Sure, we both don't see eye to eye but they refuse to try, so here I am. You can contact me via aim @ thesanderseffect and e-mail via stevesanders@g-unit.com.

I plan to revolutionize FFVII rpg's online again.
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TACS remix - 18 new icons

Inspiration hit me again, so I hereby present 18 new icons based on TACS subfile. Please read the disclaimer in the post, also all previous icons can be found in the same post. If you missed the madness before, why not take a look now? (Note, they may contain spoilers for the film and TACS itself if you haven't seen it yet.)

And in the words of Kadaj... TEASERS:
Kadaj - PICTURES! Cloud - stop being so EMO! Rude - undecided ethnicity Sephiroth - beg for it

( TACS madness continues. This link takes straight to the new icons, scroll up for older ones. )
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I've written a fair amount of FF7 fanfiction in the past (and am still writing!), but this is my first fic in an AC setting =P Anyway, feel free to take a look and let me know what you think:

Title: The Catch
Author: Reeve
Rating: (probably) PG-13
Length: 2,227 words (kind of short by my standards ^^;;;)
Warnings: Minor spoilers for "On the Way to a Smile"/"Case of Tifa"
Summary: Reeve and Tifa, on the rocks. Contest entry for acfiction, using the sin of lust.

(Fic info cross-posted to acfiction and ff7writer)