October 23rd, 2005

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Last Order

Sorry to be a bother but...does anyone have any Last Order screencaps or know of a site that has them? I'm looking specifically for the Turks, but any will do. I've tried searching everywhere, but I can't seem to find any.

(Actually, the Last Order OVA available for download on YSI or something would be even better, but I suspect that's too much to ask.)

Thanks in advance. ^^

More Finger Puppets

So I have some pics of the other finger puppets I made, except I'm only posting pics of Reno and Rude since all the other pics came out like total shit since I had to take them with a disposable camera. So yeah, they're kinda washed out and I tried to fix them as much as I could, but I have no patience today. I would like to post the pics I took of Loz and Kadaj, but like I said; they came out like shit cause kodak sucks.

EDIT I lied. Post now has pics of Loz, SHM+kaasan and The Turks. Cause I just can't say no to you guys.

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I'll have better pics on friday since my friend is coming up for Yaoicon and she's bringing her digital camera.
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I am so new...

Hey--I'm so new. But I've been kind of a stalker for a little bit around the community; I finally decided to the join this afternoon. So yay! ..; I still haven't really seen Advent Children yet--I refuse to until it comes out, and mainly until I finish playing FF:VII. Yeah.
I hate introductions. So, I come baring gifts!

Not a lot, I mean, but just some, I suppose. Yeah. ^^;

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Browsin' through old LJ entries...

...and I stumbled upon this. Figured I'd post it here if it hasn't been posted already, though I'm sure a lot of you people know this already:

"Shinichirou Miki was the voice of Sephiroth for the old Ehrgeiz fighting game and Kingdom Hearts in Japan.

Toshiyuki Morikawa is the voice of Sephiroth in the new Advent Children movie and Last Order anime.

The two actors played male lovers in the yaoi anime Haru wo Daiteita earlier this year."

...even after a month, why does this amuse me?