October 22nd, 2005

FFXIII; Snow - Doubt

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I have a question and I was wondering if anyone know what's contained in the FFVII Ultimania Omega? I've seen the cover for it but I don't know if they're just FFVII pictures or if like info about Advent Children or the game. I'm planning on getting it but before I do, I want to know what's included in there, ne? Thank you so much for your help. Sorry for being such a pain :3

The story


I am wondering if there is a site somewhere which actually has an indepth summary of the whole FF7 history? Hopefully not just game, but pregame and AC.

But I'll take anything I can get, because it's seems to be just a big labyrinth of facts where you can only pick up a couple of things at a time.

Yeah, and the sites needs to be in english or swedish because those are the only languages I am good enough at.

Please help, I can'r be the only one wanting to find something like this!

How many subs? o.O

I heard there were many English subs out there already, and I only have one (the first one that came out, I think). I'd be interested in comparing them as I'm really not sure the one I have is quite... accurate o.O;

Any links, pretty please?

Thank you! ^^