October 20th, 2005


+ Advent Pieces: Limited +

Greetings! May I ask if anyone here knows an online store which sells Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Advent Pieces: Limited for the price of the original release? My search was in vain when it went out of print last month. But after a few weeks, I received a notification in my e-mail from Play-Asia.com that it's in stock once more.

The problem is, it now costs US$399. ::sniffles::

Your kind assistance would be very much appreciated. Arigatou. ::bows and smiles::

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Has anyone noticed these lookie-likies before? zomg. Uncanny. And just so that my post wasn't too spam orientated, I made a Kadaj colourbar to share with you guys. Aww aren't I sweet. n___n

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