October 19th, 2005


Because I'm easily bored in class...

I'm making a pair of earrings in my metal arts class using Kadaj's sword as inspiration. I have enough silver to make a few extra pairs to sell, but I've already got bids in for them. Just in case anyone was interested, should I post a photo of them when they're done?

Also, I know Yazou's gun has a name and Seph's sword is named Masamune, but is Kadaj's sword named as well? Out of curiousity, if anyone knows, tell me.

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So much wrong

Not much to say about this except that its one more image of the AC men meeting makeup. It's... really wrong. On many levels.
EDIT NOT DRINK SAFE - This is the third thing that I've posted that has caused people to spew their beverage. Wtf people?

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Another thing on the release date....please be true...

Hey, I don't know if this is true or what, but my brother got a Game Informers magazine today and I was flipping through it (before he even knew it arrived, I hope he doesn't get mad cuz' I ripped the plastic off...he's weird like that) and there was this calendar thing that had all these upcoming stuffs for November. My eyes fell on the 29 and it said Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children DVD

So, OMG!!! Can this be true???? Please don't tell me it's a lie!!! I'll cry!!! *sobs*

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Headsup for icon makers, I guess. I've uploaded 39 screencaps of Advent Pieces to Ragnarok here. ALL of them are of Cloud or Kadaj. Grab what you want, please don't hotlink, and if you need the caps in a larger resolution ( up to 1024px ), leave a comment and I'll see what I can do. If enough people are interested, I might just cap the entire movie at the largest res possible and throw a link up here for grabs for a week or so.

Caveat: the site has yaoi/slash content. Not your cup of tea? Then stay away from the other links.

Tired of artpad yet?

After my first try at artpad failed horribly (my browser died after I finished and saved the picture I had been drawing for half an hour just when it was providing me the link.. so my Cloud-Sephiroth-battle-scene travels aimlessly through the endless servers of artpad.com right now T-T) I decided to give it a second try... and I was rewarded! This time it worked and I was able to produce a neat picture of Kadaj. Uhm... his hair is... like waving in the wind or sth.

I recommend setting the speed to fast. It's a bit rough at some spots and you notice by the strands of the hair that I used a mouse but overall I am satisfied with it :)

Oh yes and thanks for all the nice comments on my Cloud Kadaj Mini-Doujinshi I posted a while back :) It made me really happy! (can be found here if you haven't seen it yet http://www.livejournal.com/community/adventchildren_/457416.html)
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So after watching (and envying) everyone's spiffy artpad renditions of their favorite FF characters, I decided to give it a go.  Jealousy and curiosity finally won out.  I'd been avoiding it because I'm a lefty, and my freehand mouse control is definetly lacking.  (Which is why I stay far far away from oekaki, Pchat, and Open Canvas.  ...at least until I get a tablet, that is.)  But eh.  Anyway.  Here be an artpad rendition of everyone's favorite (well, my favorite anyway) oyaji.  I'd definetly speed this thing up to get to the end result. Took me the better part of an hour to do.  And it's full of wiggly lines, halfassed shading, and Cid suffering from squinched-head syndrome.  Hoorah.


Dammit I'm gonna keep doing this until I draw one that doesn't make me wanna throw up looking at it.
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Fanart: Cloud Strife

Hello guys. This is my first post here in the community although I lurk around, mostly. :D I'm afraid I don't have much to offer except high-res screenshots and crappy fanart.

Speaking of fanart, I posted my first AC fanart (Cloud) in my Devart account. It was a work-in-progress and I posted screenshots of the lineart in DA, but now I've finished coloring it. It would be greatly appreciated if you guys can view it and comment. Thank you!

Sorry if it is spoilery, for those who haven't seen the movie yet.

Cloud Strife. Spoilers for the movie.