October 17th, 2005

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Everyone's been saying how the older character models look completely different than the newer ones...and I agree. However, I think I understand the reasoning behind this. At first, I believe square wanted a more realistic style to AC...which explains some of the "rougher" models. Then they probably realized that FFVII had an anime-ish art style to it...so they changed the models to the ones you see know. I do think that the ones you see now definately resemble the look & feel of FFVII better than the old ones. Would you agree?

P.S.- I also noticed than in the first trailers that were put out(a looong time ago), we saw Cloud fighting Kadaj with a Buster Sword...but in all the new trailers, he's fighting with that puzzle sword of his. I can't be the only one who noticed this...can I?

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An AMV that was posted here

Hey, sorry if I'm being a pain with this. A couple of weeks ago I think, someone posted a really good AMV with the song 'Shut Me Up' by Mindless Self Indulgence. I've looked back through a ton of old messages and I must have missed it because I couldn't find it.
Does anyone maybe have the link to the video?
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Just some thoughts

I was bored and went around reading reviews on FFVII:AC. I wonder if anyone was really expecting a plot-driven movie by SQUAREENIX. Some people have, apparently. Personally, after The Spirits Within, I was largely only anticipating the AC release for the pretties alone. Of course, there's nothing wrong with having high expectations for a movie that was delayed again and again, but if seen according to this article/review...

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Looking for...

I'm not much on requests caue I'm usually very good at finding things on my own, but I have come to a loss as to where to obtain certian things so I am forced to now request the help of those in this community.

I am lookng for a larger, high quality screencap that looks like this one:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I am also looking for subbed files on the FFVII AC bonus marterial. Particularly the Making of, Deleated/Changed scenes, and Remenisisance. Also, if anyone knows of any other bonus material things that I might have missed I would kindly appreciate it if you let me know.

For the record: Since I don't consider any of this information as a spoiler I will not put it under a cut, but if someone disagrees, please, kindly respond to let me know and I will abide by your wishes.

Thank you all.