October 16th, 2005

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So Advent Children got delayed in US, which means it will be even further delayed in Europe. I have a region free DVD player so I'm thinking of ordering the DVD from Japan, only thing I'm worried about is the NTSC-standard. I really don't wanna buy it and then not be able to see it. x_x

Any Europeans that have ordered the DVD from Japan?
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Mozart/Salieri:- Vivre A En Crever

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I hope this is alright, if not let me know and I'll delete this post.

I made a community recently for fans of the yaoi pairing LozxYazoo or Loz and Yazoo in general.

Feel free to join and post, if you're also a fan. ^_^;

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I saw AC,yesterday,in the "sitges film festival" (Spain)

And it was totally amazing.i was so excited.

First of all, the festival give the special award to the film, Shinji Hashimoto was there.

and the film...well i have no words to explain, i love it!!! (now i can't wait until january to get the DVD :P ), i feel very confortable with all those fans there,it was an undescriptible sensation i never forget. ^_^

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Anyone know the lyrics to the Divinity song (I and II)? Everytime I listen to it, I think "So hungry for blood, so hungry. OHHHH. We love Barret morsels. We love the MORSELS!!" -___-;;

Also, can someone post a link to the lyrics and translation to The Promised Land? I know it's been posted before 3 or 10 times already, but I was stupid and didn't save it to my Memories either time.