October 15th, 2005


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I feel silly asking this when it should be so easy to find...(but I cant find any!). Does anyone have any full body pictures of Yazoo and of Velvet Nightmare? I am waiting for AC to be released here so I have not seen the movie yet...(so I cannot watch that right now for reference).

Thank you! ::hides::
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New pixel doll

Loz this time. Still working on Kadaj. Taking my sweet time, of course. Blargh.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Totally messed up on the hair. Too short and I think I could have done better with his clothes. I'm just a lazy child. -.-


EDIT: Can anyone help me with a line? Collapse )
Guitar Ninjas

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I remember there being afew music videos on this website, and would like to know if anyone had the links to them still? Thanks

Also, a long time ago someone posted with cosplay pic of them as the turks. If I recall, they also said something about a place that will make a Turks uniform for you(for a price, of course)...I just wante to know what place that is?
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eh team

Fine Lines

Title: Fine Lines
Author: creepy_crawly/Bastard Uchiha/Dorku no Renkinjutsushi/whatever I'm currently known as
Rating: urm...I'd say PG-PG13, merely for angstiness
Length: 1985 words. Fear me.
Pairings: None, really, though lots of hinted at Sephi/Cloud *is fangirl*
Type: one-shot
Genre: angst, reflective
Warnings: ANGSTY LIKE EMO. Also, very introspective.
Summary: There's a fine line between pride and death...and Cloud has crossed it.

This was written for the challenge, more details inside. Enjoy!
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Ashlyn Daube - Demon&#39;s Test
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Comm plugness ^^'

So I wanted to make a community for Yazoo and Kadaj, but thought perhaps the subject was too rare so instead I made an all AC yaoi community. Which much to my surprise had activity without any plugging ^^'

Here it is: acyaoi

For all pairings from Advent Children or falling in the AC timeline.

...I suck at plugging.

EDIT - I have no willpower, ended making Yazoo/Kadaj community too ^^' yazooxkadaj

Delayed Again ?!!?

I dunno if you guys noticed but I check ebgames today to see when the release date for AC is for the North American version....it turns out they changed it to January 6, 2006 for the PSP and so does gamestop (but for both DVD and UMD)............ and IGN said it too

-look on the right panel...under expected release date.

I guess it's pushed back again.....

sry guys
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I'm really sorry to have to ask, but can someone direct me to Tifa AC screenshots?
There are just so many posts, which is great, but I can't find the time to backtrack through all of them in this community and others to find the ones people have posted... because before I saw the movie, I tried not to look at anything that could have spoilers, and so I don't have any saved or sites bookmarked.
Thanks so much.