October 14th, 2005

Cloud Colorbar(s)

My orange and yellow are kind of sickly looking but it's the best I can do with a system that uses red, green, and blue as its base colors XD;

If you take one please let me know. Thank-you :3

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A Challenge

Okay, I'll get right to the point. My challenge is to post a meeting between Advent Children!Cloud and Final Fantasy VII!Cloud.
The rules are:
1. Both must be in character the entire time
2. Actions and conversation must be included, not just one or the other
3. Atleast 75 words
Retro Vocal Gackt

Requests and questions...

Does anyone have a link to where I could download Last Order and Advent Children (actually I already have AC, but I just discovered last night that my next door neighbor loves FFVII like whoa and wants it for her computer as well, but the site I used no longer has it or I'm just stupid ... probably the second one there)?

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Over the past week I've been playing around with making some finger puppets of the AC characters. Last night I finished the first of the SHM, so I give you all my Yazoo finger puppet that I made for my friend :D;; He's kinda lame, but I'm not really big into the sewing and fabric thing. Just be nice and don't tell me I suck cause then I'll cry D:

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S3 Mimi


I have officially joined the ranks of those who have seen Advent Children AND Last Order! (Finally!)

In truth the reason it's taken so long is that I have dial-up so I can't download it myself so a friend had to send me a copy but it was international mail and it took longer than we expected.

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Okay, that's my somewhat rambly thoughts for now.
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I would just like to say a big thanks to this community

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Thank you again for being such a FANTASTIC community... especially all you Vincent, Sephiroth and Reno lovers (Cause they are teh s3x!)
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Reno and Rude colorbars!

Wow. Reno and The Turks' popularity has really sky rocketed since Advent Children. Everyone and their mother has at least one Reno icon now XD. I wonder if I'm the only one who liked Reno back when he was a hunky bunch of blocky polygons... lol

But yes, more colorbars. I made the colors on the Reno bars a little brighter to see if that fixed the sickly color look. It did...somewhat. I still have problems with orange.

EDIT! Rude colorbars added.

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