October 13th, 2005

Avengers - Clint/'Tasha

colorbar thingo

Kadaj is Cat Eyes Love
Kadaj is Cat Eyes Love

Reno is Red Headed Turk Love
Reno is Red Headed Turk Love

Yeah, I made a couple of them. I'm that bored. I couldn't be bothered with the cut. And feel free to request...
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[ff7] beautiful


I made something else on art.com, my new favorite site. To say Happy Birthday to Vincent. 'Cause it's his birthday today and all.

I'm actually such a fangirl I am making a Devil's Food cake. That is kind of sad.

EDIT: Oh yeah, someone asked last time if I used a tablet. No, I'm too poor. :p It's just a mouse.
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Good idea?

Greetings, fine ladies and gentlemen!

I have a proposition, which has already been proposed to pseudomachine (our wonderful mod) and met with her approval. I suggest a fanfic challange.
If you think it's a good idea, I can give you details, because I've got a theme and everything in mind already. So... let me know. You think it could work? Considering we have a billion members?

Thanks, yo.

Fanfic challange.

OK, so we're doing this fanfic challange. I've only planned it out half-assed, but it's ok.

Theme: The most AU pairing you can think of. Come on, use your imagination. Use A LOT of imagination. BUT! It has to be as IC as possible. This is why it's called a "challange". Anything is welcome. And I mean anything, even if it is illegal in most countries.

Deadline: Not sure. How does November 1st sound? If anyone has a problem, I'll break you legs we can always extend it.

Prize: ?? Maybe pseudomachine will agree to draw you something. You favorite pairing or whatever. Because her art is teh sexx0rz.

Also, if you wanna post the fics here or where ever, go ahead, but can you please e-mail them to me as well because I can't keep up with the 8 billion posts a day on this community XD Email address is luk3chan@hotmail.com.

Um. I think that's all. I actually have no idea how this stuff works, so if I'm forgetting something, plz let me know.

(On a side note, I think I'm gonna write a Kadaj x Cloud's Materia just for fun.)

Thanks and have fun : D

[EDIT]: Yes, it's okay if this was a fic written before, as long as it fits the theme. And yeah, it's okay if it has multiple chapters, as long as its not 20930945349750349573958 because I won't be done reading it till next year ;-;
CUT!CUT!CUT! / by: cyberhell

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ermm... I hope it's alright to post something like this XD; *it's ok to delete this entry if it's not allowed*


for those who didn't know, Vinc's bday is 13 Oct. which is today! XD well, for my time anyway ~_~; <3 so yeah... happy bday my lovely vincent ;3; <3
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Sex God

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Ccan I get a link to those oh so popular Flash FF7 parodies featuring Barret being all "FUCKchitWhat" and Vincent like "I'm a vampire so they kicked me out..." and Cloud with his weird dreams, links to both vid would be VERY appreciated, I used to have em, but new comp, you know?

Google hates me

I've been trying to find some Sims 2 meshes for Kadaj/Loz/Yazoo, as well as any other characters, but I'm not having much luck.

Anyone know where to get these? I'm especially wanting the SHM ones.
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