October 12th, 2005

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Reno's Eyes

Quick question...

In Advent Children, are Reno's eyes blue or green... or both? In some screenshots his eyes look just plain old blue, but it some screenshots they have a greenish look to them.

Thanks. :D


Title: lupine
Author: volly
Rating: T
Length: 3723 words
Pairings: none were intended
Type: rather lengthy oneshot
Genre: angst, spiritual
Warnings: oddness
Summary: the origin of the 'cloudy wolf', and what it and aeris' flowers symbolize. because i am a dork with vague symbols. takes place about one year before advent children, might contain advent children spoilers.

( cast of characters: wolf!zack, antisocial!cloud, and moogledoll!girl. enjoy, and keep in mind that cloud is most definitely not a pedophile. )
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when I'm on a mission
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Found this

It's a three page analysis WITH PICTURES, describing and explaining how Cloud's six-piece sword works, attaches and fits together.

It's geekery at its finest, people.
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Looking for an RP

Umm...hope it's okay to post this (if not, mods feel free to delete)

Is there an FFVII RP around that's done in first person? Most of the ones I've seen are in third (or completely filled). I actually really like the first person post 'n' chat through responses style (almost like it'd be done over MSN--such as how fake_2nd_chance looks), but I'd die happy if there was a first person RP around. (I've been looking for a month now).

And I'd die even happier if I could RP Reno. But I'm familiar with all four Turks.

Much much thanks in advance! :)
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so I finally got too see Advent Children. I think I have to change my pants, and the seat im on (err.. sorry) and i'm totally psyched

but im stupid, so I have a couple questions?

cut incase someone hasn't seen the movie
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Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

Another Sephiroth Plushie!

Usagi brings you more plushies~ <3

I just finished him today~ so I figured I would share him like I do with all my others. =D <3
It's the Kingdom Hearts Costume. ^o^

Was it just more or was he wearing this at the end of the movie? O_o or like a variation of it? I dunno maybe I was seeing things. =O haha~

He's for sale here if anyone is interetsed in adopting this lil bugger~
<<<< There is more information on size, bigger pictures and such there~! ^_^
His auction ends in 7 days~ ^_^

Oh, I also have a Kingdom Hearts Halloween Town Sora avilable here! I won't spam his picture cuz it's not exactly Advent Chilren Related~ xD But there's a link for those interested. <3 He ends in 4 days. ^_^

Thanks again guuuuys! =3


All these purty Advent Children icons, for some reason, make me crave more traditional, in-game FFVII icons.
If anyone has a link to any awesome ones, (ESPECIALLY funny ones) I might love you and die of happiness.

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The perfect ending.


Mmm...havin' a good day today. I was able to finish the Cloud picture that I've been working on for a few days.
So I thought I'd show everyone. ^__^

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Hope everyone likes it. ^^'

Oh, and I also have a question...
Where did Denzel come from?
Forgive me if he's of some significance in the game...it's been years since I've played it. D;
I've got a friend who says he's Cloud and Tifa's son..and I kind of..find that hard to believe. But I suppose it's always possible.
Any ideas on this?
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