October 11th, 2005

The Advent Children/FF7 OTP Essay of Teh DOOM

Somebody else posted a link to a wonderful interview with Nomura and a bunch of other guys about Advent Children. You can get the rest of the interview from here, but there's one thing that totally stuck in my mind - and I think it answers a question we've all been asking... I added the bolding in the interview myself, for emphasis.

oh, please keep in mind this is my opinion essay so nobody shoot me for it. Feel free to disagree, but honestly, this is just how I feel, I'm not attacking anyone in particular...

Warning: Advent Children Spoilers!!

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Anyway, that's it. Opinions are nice, discussions, whatever. But no one burn me alive for my humble opinions. I mean you can, I guess. But, I won't really care so you'll probably just end up waisting your time ;)

PS - I'll probably post this up in ff7ltdiscussion once I actually join.

What's this? It's an AMV!

Well, since I'm done with TACS for the time being, I figured I'd upload this here:

TITLE: The Man Who Still Grieves #RELOAD
SONG: "My Immortal" by Evanescence
FOOTAGE: 26.6 MB/4:29/ WMV Format (DivX required)
INFO: The RELOAD version of my first AMV, "The Man Who Still Grieves". This time I added more AC footage, so for those who don't want to be spoiled (but you won't be if you've seen all the trailers), don't watch this AMV, even though I'm not spoiling much in my view. Anyway, I'm really pleased with the result. I didn't use text this time in the AMV, and I didn't use the constant fading in and out of clips like I did for the AMV the first time I made it. So, here it is, folks. The RELOAD version of "Man Who Still Grieves". I hope you all enjoy it.

NOTE: This is pretty much an AMV about Cloud and Aeris, so you Cloud x Tifa fans may not enjoy it as much, except for the ending parts that is. Just pointing it out.

Oh yeah, kudos to Amanda for making the CG Banner. ^_^

Tell me what you think, people!
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FFVII: AC music video


I just spent the past few hours making my -absolute- first ever attempt at a music video :) This is a first attempt.. don't laugh >.> I just finished it minutes ago.

TITLE: Blow me Away <--- How original of me
SONG: "Blow me Away" - Breaking Benjamin (Halo II soundtrack, of all things)
SIZE: 14.2 MB .wmv 3 mins 26 secs. It works fine in winamp :3 I'm fairly AMV illiterate >.> I would have saved it right to .avi, but that's 700 MB ><
It's grainy and a low quality as I was using Windows Movie Maker, and a way too complex FFVII: AC .avi :) But I really wanted to put the movie to the music before I either A. forgot, or B. didn't have the motivation anymore. WARNING: THERE ARE MANY SPOILERS. Oh, and it's a bit cheesy, forgive me m(-_-)m The theme is ACTION ACTION ACTION.

I'm hoping to save it in a higher resolution/quality later on, but right now it's almost 3 am and frankly I'm SLEEPY.

Thanks everyone!

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The chant thingomajigger.

Someone was talking about the lyrics to a song before, and I know I posted this AGES ago, but I'm just posting this again.

It plays in the beginning of the movie when Marlene is talking, and at that scene, you know, where you may feel inclined to shed a tear or two..

"Cur in terra corde erremus?
Cur in terra corde laboremus?
Stella nobis non concessit, non concessit.
Stella nobis non concessit, non concessit.
Terra arum imperarum quo vis?
Carus canus consors Evae corde ...?
Dii amoris in stella fuerunt.
Anima sacrificare necesse est.
Cur in terram in terra erramus?
Cur media medimus in terra, dii?"

Translation had been avilable, but they're from a post from ages ago... XP
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ryou [tokyo mew mew]

Aeris Screencaps~

Can anyone be a sweetie and help me find some good screencaps of Aeris in Advent Children? ^^; Any will do, though I'm looking for caps aside from the famous field of flowers scene. X3;

Thanks~ <3
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I bring you SEPHIROTH! *Cough, cough*

Title: The Scent of Fear
Author: Fathoms_Deep (or ME!)
Rating: R (For swearing)
Length: 2776
Characters: Sephiroth, Original Character (Aya)
Warnings: Nothing, really... just cursing from an angry woman, suggestive situation, etc
Summary: Life is hard as the only woman in SOLDIER, who must overcome her latent fear of the male persuasion. Her superior gives some helpful advice...

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-points- Look! it's Sephiroth..

-pause, watches him run by with hearts in eyes-


-pause point- Look! It's all the fan--

-is stampeded by a hoarde of fangirls/boys-

[ i think it was funnier in my head. grr.. damn my non-artisticness ]
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I am sooooo damned to Hell for this

Like the title says, I'm cursed to the seventh ring of Hell for all eternity because of this.

Aaaarrrghhhhhh! No matter what I did, he still has C-cup boobs if you look closely enough! I am so going to get it for this! -cowers in fear-

And yet, I'm am utterly amused by it all.

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(no subject)

Ok I dont know if this has been mensioned before in here but...i seemed to have noticed Aeris looks a little too much like yuna... Ive posted the pictures side by side under the cut...am i the only one that see's it?

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god loves u


does anyone know where i can find screen caps of bahamut ZERO (or which ever one it is) from the movie? thanks to anyone who can
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(no subject)

I love this community, but I've never really contributed to it!

'Kay, guys. Any Vincent/Tifa fans out there? I love making couple icons, so...might make different ones later if I get around to it.

It's a little fandom, but....here you go! :)

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The perfect ending.

Teh ribbon :O

Euhh..gomen if this has already been discussed here or somethin'. ^^;

But..I was wondering..
Both Cloud and Tifa wear those pink/red ribbons on their left arms...
Is there any significance in that? Or are they just...ribbons? But then again...why would it be only those two that wear them. 0_o
AAaanyway. Just hoping someone can tell me what they mean, if anything. ^________^
Thanks in advance. <3
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Macross F // Michel - sniper extraordina

Need translation help...

...for some names of tracks on the soundtrack. Namely these (romanized):

Tatakau Monotachi
Kita no Daikudo
Sara ni Tatakau Monotachi

My very basic Japanese can't handle them and I haven't seen the English names anywhere!

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Spelling ZOMG!
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Newbie here ^^

And I come with a FF7/Advent Children fanfic XD. FFVII is one of my favorite games. I haven't seen Advent Children yet but I'm excited to see it.

I've noticed that the demand for Turks yaoi has picked up since Advent Children so I decided to "pimp" my hubbie's lovely Turks fic. Right now it has Rufus/Johnny (OC) and some Reno/Johnny but he'll probably bring other pairings into it. Please check it out and let him know what you think. It's the first story on the page: "Tseng's Replacement".

Title: Tseng's Replacement
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Many but Rufus/Johnny and Reno/Johnny so far.
Summary: The threat of Meteor, Sephiroth, and Jenova is gone. Shin-Ra struggles to pick up the pieces of their once great corporation and Rufus tries to salvage his reputation. The remaining loyal Turks are caught in the middle of it all.
Warnings: Lemon, language and violence.


One of my FF7 fics are on that page too but it's not very good ^^;;
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