October 8th, 2005


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Hi there! It's about that time of year when I suddenly feel like making silly icons. Since the other day there was a post here with icons inspired by Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, I have a couple icons inspired by the even more silly Brady Bunch Movie:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I credit ladyofthesea with Kadaj's model swish at the end of the first icon. (I hope I'm crediting the right person!)

I also have an update to a very old icon....

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Other hamsters have gone missing, and the owners report hearing "One Winged Angel" play right before they disappeared. Also, I have found a bloody 10 inch hamsterkatana in my hamster's cage, which leads me to believe that...

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Erm.. spoilers? A line from AC, if that counts. Better safe than sorry, I guess. (Someone before me made that with churchsigngenerators.com, so I can't take credit :P)
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I know somehow this has been posted before.. I don't know... but there's just too many posts in this community and i can't find the post..
Well, does anyone know where I can find the romanji script for FF7AC?
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n00b :3

Hey, I'm new here. :D
And I have a question. :x
SO..I'm thinking of dressing up as Tifa for Halloween and...man that skirt of hers is giving me hell. I can't seem to find any good pictures of it or anything. :( I have the movie on my computer and all but my computer screen is so dark that I can't really see anything and whenever I take screenshots and lighten them, they're blurry. @_O. So..I'm screwed as far as coming up with pictures myself. So I was wondering if any of you guys might be able to help me. Is there a site that tells a lot about her outfit in Advent Children? Just about anything would help me.
Thanks in advance!

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Please : )


I was wondering if anyone knew a site where I could get the victory theme ringtone (like Loz has) sent to me as an SMS, instead of downloading it to my computer and then uploading to my phone. Actually... any FFVII ringtone will do. Although I prefer this one.

And if it matters, I have a Samsung SGH-E635.
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Idea! *and partial shameless plug >D*

I see a lot of fanart posts here, but it's hard looking through all the posts to find it (I usually have limited net time). Let's start a group on deviantart or something. Particularly for the members of this community? Anyone else interested? :p I've been drawing nonstop Advent Children like a little madperson.

Btw, if you wanna see, my devi name is tifalonia.
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real cloud person ?

There's this scene after the credits with Cloud riding a motorcycle. Is he a real person? If he is, who is he? I've been trying to figure it out, but no matter how I look, he just looks too perfect to be real. Thanks a lot ! :)