October 7th, 2005

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Sephiroth: Cloud..................Cloud.........
Cloud: I'm right behind you...stop yelling.
Sephiroth: Ah...well....your life ends here...
Cloud: Oh, really?
Sephiroth: Yes...now...how would you like me to take your life away?
Sephiroth: let's see...I could stab you, cut off your head, punch you in the head, break your n---*slice*
Cloud: You talk to much, damnit..

I'm bored, I typed, don't ask...

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Guess who got to watch advent children last night?



Yeah my brothers friend somehow downloaded it (i have no idea WHERE he got it) but he burned us a copy,

and i definitely needed a clean pair of underwear afterwards

its just


oh and reno and rude are hilarious in it,
Rai is Ebil <3

Asking for screencapy (making Icon)... DONE!

Funny thing happened today

I was in lecture today, and my professor was going 'gay-bite', 'gay-bite' when it was supossed to be 'giga-byte'.
The 'gay-ness' lead to the thought of balls.
Which lead to the thought of Yuffie and balls.
Which then lead to 'ball-less' Cloud....
At that moment I snickered at that thought (and almost get into trouble with my lecturer who was RIGHT in FRONT of me. I blame the 'ball' icon I made last night)

Anyway, I'll be coming out with an icon based on that inspiring when I get home, unless someone can get me Collapse ). It's the only part I'm missing, and I don't have the show on my laptop to cap it myself. Then I have to scale down the size of the file (Damn the 40kb limit.)

The file size was going waaaayyyy over the limit (and it's still incomplete. Gosh!) so I cap it down to 1/2 the idea I wanted to do. But do watch out for a version 2 (after I figure how to squeeze the whole thing together)
Collapse )
Edited 2
Yeahhh it's done. Thanks to hydrangea or this ver.2 icon would take 3 hour+ (going home) to complete.
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Edited 3
I just realised how very difference pictures look on my laptop then on home desktop. My laptop makes every picture look good. My Desktop is more honest (O.o)
I'm so Popular

So, you've see the Ultimania Omega Scans....

(If this is off-topic, feel free to delete it. This is just something stupid and funny anyway)

The wondeful ones jen0va99 posted, remember? And she was kind enough to show us the official art from Cloud's cross-dressing adventure. So, want to see how it would work out if the game properly reflected his outfit?

Well, turns out that a doujinshi I bought recently does that just that. I simply had to take it upon myself to scan that image and show it off.

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Final Round *tear*

Well, people, this is the last sample screencaps I'm posting here on AC, because I'm VERY close to completion of the sub file, and I don't wanna give away any of the really insane parts.

So, here it is, only three pics this time because I felt that any more would probably be unnecessary:

Collapse )

Well, that be it.

I promise that I'll upload the sub file really soon, with instructions on how to make it work if anyone here has AC and the sub file seperately.


Screen caps~

Hey, I am sure this question has been asked a billion times...


Does anyone have the screencap of the group picture at the end of the credits? I haven't been able to find it anywhere. :/

Thank ya :D
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Doujinshi... kind of thing?

Ah, I am pretty nervous about posting this here ^__^;
It's my first doujinshi ever. (Well, it's only 2 pages anyways XD)

It's a little flashback kind of story out of Kadaj's and Cloud's childhood. Don't ask me how that fits into any plot in existence... it just came to my mind this afternoon and wouldn't let me go until I was done drawing it. It's a little bit sad I think. I think this little story could be a memory of Kadaj that he remembers during his last scene in the movie.

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Lloyd be pimpin'


Stupid question that's probably been asked a million times, but...

does anyone have the song that plays during the credits in Last Order?

Thanks! ^^;
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